TURNKEY PROJECTS supports our clients with intelligent and integrated "turnkey" solutions, in due consideration of technical feasibility. Our approach of consultation differs from a classical consultancy agency and offers especially the technical know How for the implementation of a project. "Think global" is our motto, that is why we work cross-national. Apart from business consulting, we offer the development and engineering side of the value creation chain of a product in specific and present a special potential for optimisation in this respect.

We are familiar with the languages of our clients in Germany and in Turkey

The clients satisfaction is our main concern and we perform as many loops of optimisation as there are necessary for reaching the aspired target. A strong customer orientation is self evident for us, that is why we concentrate a lot on clear lines and transperancy. We focus especially on escalating the competetiveness of our clients and to optimise the economic efficiency of their companies.

Creating an active CO2 neutral climate policy, we attend various congresses and conventions of experts and we guarantee an optimal cross-national technology transfer.

With an adequate investment consultation we develop customized project solutions for the renewable energy sector. In our portfolio we have biogas technologies, the HTC technology as well as the pyrolysis technology and we build on the latest level of knowledge of the biotechnology. Concentrating also on the waste material, which has an impact on the environment, we manage to recycle all kinds of biomass.

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